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How does the mat class membership work?

Glad you asked!

On the Mat (only) membership, you’ll get 4 mat classes and 1 free live class with a hangout session every month, as well as membership perks!

Every WEEK there will be 1 on-demand 30-minute Mat Class. This class will be available for exactly 7 days and is posted on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM PST. There will also be 1 live, 50-minute Mat Class every MONTH, with a 40-minute “Kick-It Sesh” (community hang-out, live via Zoom).

You will have access to the replay of the 50-minute class for 1 month. Because we want the replay to be available for a full month, the live class typically happens the weekend before the 1st of the new month. For example, the live mat class is held on Sunday, February 28 and the replay made available from March 1-31st.

For more info, you can check the membership details here, or message us, and chat with one of our crew.

As always, if you have any questions you can message us!

xx~LL and team 💋!