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How much is the initial cost?

Hey there! It’s so coool that you are interested in our Online Pilates Classes.

We offer flexible memberships to suit everyone’s needs! We have weekly, monthly and annual memberships (with bonuses!).

In our weekly membership options, starting from $7/week, you get one 30-minute mat class each week. For $10/week, you get one 30-minute mat class and one 30-minute reformer class each week.

In our monthly and annual memberships, starting from $49/month for the Mat membership, you get four weekly 30-minute mat classes and one 50-minute live mat class with a hangout session every month, as well as membership perks!

We also have a Mat + Reformer membership (eight 30-minute classes + two 50-minute classes and the live hangout sesh) from $69/month. And our All Equipment membership includes Mat+Ref+Cad+Wun (eight 30-minute classes + four 50-minute classes and the live hangout sesh) from $79/month. With huge savings on the annual plan!

Not sure which package is for you? Read all about it and Pick your Pilates Practice here, or Message Us, and chat with one of our crew.

Please note that these memberships automatically bill monthly so you don’t have to go through the checkout process every time. You can cancel your subscription or sign back up at any time from your account dashboard.

As always, if you have any questions you can message us!

xx~LL and team 💋!