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What prizes can I win?

We’re going to give away prizes at the end of each week, and only those who have made 3 public IG feed posts who have tagged @lesley.logan and used the hashtag #💯WITHME (you’ll use the 💯 emoji when posting to IG) will qualify for that week’s drawing. There will be ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER drawn during the final live mat class.

So, to be eligible for the weekly prize you have to have posted 3 times during the previous week. To be eligible for the grand prize you have to have posted 12 times during the challenge.

What if you miss a week? Look, we all miss here and there, but you can still qualify for the grand prize as long as you get 12 posts in (the idea being you did three workouts each week) during the 4 weeks. If you have questions about this let me know.

Note: If you don’t want to post on IG, you will still have a chance to win! Just send in a testimonial at the end of the challenge and you’ll be entered in a drawing.

The announcement of winners will be on LL’s IG account, emailed, and during the live classes.

How do you share on IG? Read about it here.