Pilates Mat Class Gearing up for March Matness
It's that time of year again Pilates lovers! It's March Matness and that means all 34 exercises all month long. BUT what if you are not into some of the 34?


Online Mat Pilates Class Description:

It’s that time of year again Pilates lovers! It’s March Matness and that means all 34 exercises all month long. BUT what if you are not into some of the 34? What if you’re not going overhead or you’re new and you’re still working on that Roll up? This week’s class is going to be full of prep’s for all the 34 exercises so that each week you can sub in your favorite and still enjoy a good time.

See you on your Mat,


  • START DATE & TIME: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 2:00pm PST (check your timezone). If 7 days from class start time has passed, you can find the next available class here.
  • LENGTH: All mat classes are 30 minutes long.
  • LEVEL: They are all levels but this one will feel like an intermediate flow.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and a mat!
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesley here. Otherwise, see you in class!


***Registrants will have exactly 7 days from the time the class starts to view this video, and then it will no longer be available. Class start time is listed above. If you are a member of this weekly subscription, please add this class to your calendar, bookmark this link and return to this page at the time class begins to view it, as there are no reminder emails sent and no refunds issued for classes missed. By registering for this membership/weekly subscription you agree to these terms. If 7 days after the start time listed above has already passed, please find the next available class here.***

Prefer a private option? Lesley offers Skype and Facetime sessions. You can book yours right into Lesley’s schedule here.


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Thanks Lesley super awesome, I have some new fun ways to help my mat classes through the March MATness challenge! The are already in a panic – I just keep telling them “it’s FUN!” cheers xx~LW

It is fun! And the more we repeat it the more they’ll believe it. Like all good brainwashing! haah! I hope they had fun this week xx~LL

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