Double Leg Stretch on the C-Shaper

The Double Leg Stretch is THE Pilates exercise that all Pilates exercises are born from. Which means we must get really good at doing this exercise!

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: C-Shaper (I love using the Balanced Body C-Shaper.)
  • Reps: 3-5
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some back issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Double Leg Stretch on the C-Shaper

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My teacher Jay Grimes told me that the Double Leg Pull, aka the Double Leg Stretch, is THE Pilates exercise that all Pilates exercises are born from. So, if that is the truth then we must get really good at doing this exercise! But, most of us cheat our way through it without even knowing it. As we reach our arms and legs away from each other we either drop our chests, pop our lower backs off the mat, or reach our arms up into our ears! If you try it in the C-shaper your cheats will be revealed! Making it easier to get stronger and better at all your Pilates exercises.

Don't just pull down in the C-shaper. Take up as much space inside it

Laying in your C-shaper you will probably go from your Single Leg Stretch right into your Double Leg stretch. But just in case you are only doing this exercise on its own here is your set up:

Find a spot where you can have the longest round shape. If you go to low on the C-shaper you will slouch into your round shape. Too high and you won't have a chance to connect. Reach your lower back long in opposition to your upper back. Breathe wide into your ribs to connect as much of your back into the C-shaper.

Place one hand on each ankle as you connect your arms to your back. Hug your heels tightly together and reach your elbows wide. Simultaneously reach your arms straight up and back and send your legs long to the high diagonal without popping your back off the mat. Circle your arms wide to the side and around as you bend your knees in and reset before the next rep. Repeat 3-5 times. Focus not just on pulling down into the C-shaper but rather taking up as much space along the C-shaper. As your arms go wide and circle around imagine you're in water so you can connect more deeply to your back!

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