Teaser with Arm Springs on the Cadillac

It’s not an exercise you’ll use to learn to do the Teaser. However, if you’re someone whose Teaser is strong, it’s fun to challenge your practice.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac or Tower, Arm Springs (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 3 sets of 3
  • Warning: Not ideal for some neck and shoulder issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Teaser with Arm Springs on the Cadillac

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Teaser with Arm Springs on the Pilates Cadillac or Tower is not an exercise you'll do every day. And it's not an exercise you'll use to learn how to do the Teaser. However, if you are someone whose Teaser is getting really strong it's a fun exercise to use to challenge your practice. As you play with this version challenge yourself to keep your toes at the level of your eyes. They will want to be higher! And whatever happens, use it as a barometer for where you can work on your practice next!

It's tempting to "rest" in a V position. Find your longest flexion!

Laying on your back with your head towards the springs place one handle in each hand. Make sure the entire palm of your hand is pressing on the handle, including the pinky side. Keep fingers long and together. Hug your legs and heels together, toes will be apart. The further you are away from the edge of the mat the harder the exercise is.

Pressing your hands into your handles as you simultaneously lift your head, chest, arms, and legs up! Hold with your toes in line with your eyes. If you can stay at the top add on. Roll down and back up in between each variation.

Arms: lower and lift your arms 3x then roll down
Legs: lower and lift your legs 3x then roll down
Combo: lower your arms and legs together 3x then roll down

If you roll up and the springs pull ya down slide back and try again.

Be sure to check out more of my Pilates Cadillac exercises. I want to help you continue your Pilates Cadillac training!

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