Big Frogs with Leg Springs on the Cadillac

The first version is easier to do. As you advance you may decide to do the second variation. It’s your practice, choose the Big Frogs that works for you.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Cadillac or Tower, Leg Springs (I love using the Contrology Cadillac.)
  • Reps: 3 in each direction
  • Warning: Not ideal for some knee, back or hip issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Big Frogs with Leg Springs on the Cadillac

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Big Frogs in the Pilates Leg Spring series on the Pilates Cadillac or Tower is tougher than it looks. First, in Big Frogs with the Leg Springs there is the coordination of doing the exercise. Then there's the control of the springs. And, then Big Frogs actually has two variations! Yep, two! Which can be tricky. Which version should you do? Well, as you'll see the first version is a lot easier to do. As you advance your practice you may have days you decide to do the second variation instead. It's your practice, choose the Big Frogs that will work for you.

Always work the springs. They will want to work you! Reach into them.

Typically done as the final exercise in the Leg Springs series you'd already be set up with your head towards the springs and arms reaching from your upper back into the poles. One foot in each loop, heels together, toes and knees apart. First variation, keeping your legs in this Frog shape reach your feet for the mat. Slide your legs along the mat until your legs are straight. Then with your legs on the mat open your legs as wide as the mat. Lift your legs up to the high diagonal then close your legs and Frog back in. Repeat and then reverse. Frog the legs out to the high diagonal while hugging the heels together. Open the legs as wide as the mat, lower them to the mat and then hug them together. Frog the legs back in as feet slide along the mat. Repeat.

The second version is almost the exact same however your pelvis will lift a little bit as you move. Think a mini Airplane, Semi-Circle or Rolling Stomach Massage. First, slide the legs along the mat until they are straight then open the legs as wide as the mat, and here's where it's different than the first version. Lift your legs and pelvis off the mat. Not as high as Leg Springs in the Air! Then hug the legs together and as you bend your knees roll your hips back down and repeat. Then reverse. As you Frog your legs out your hips lift. Keeping your hips up open the legs as wide as the mat, lower your legs and your hips simultaneously. Hug the legs together and Frog in. Repeat.

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