Going Up Front on the High Chair

Going Up Front will make you face your fear of heights, teach you how to lift up even as you go down, use both legs equally and work the whole body.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: High Chair (I love using the Balanced Body Wunda Chair High Back.)
  • Reps: 3-5x each side
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some knee issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Going Up Front on the High Chair

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Going Up Front on the Pilates High Chair used to scare me! I know, there's a backboard to the chair but still. I was more afraid of falling backward than falling forward. Going Up Front will not only make you face your fears of heights but also teach you how to lift up even as you go down, use both legs even when one leg seems to want to take over and discover the asymmetries your body is good at hiding. This looks like a leg exercise, but I promise you it's a body exercise. And it may seem beginner on the High Chair, but it truly will challenge more than you know.

Reach down into the pedal as you go up. Do not lean forward.

With two heavy springs on either the top hooks or one top one bottom, depending on your chair brand, place your hands on the handles, one foot on the pedal, press the pedal down and place the other foot on the pedal. Then adjust your feet on the pedal so you're at the back edge of the pedal. I like to stand with my feet at a slight Pilates V. You may have your hands on the backboard, lightly. When you're new, you'll have your hands here for balance, but don't use it to hold yourself up. Eventually, you will place your hands behind your head or reach them up towards the high diagonal. Place one foot on top of chair just to the side of the center line, knee against the backboard.

Hug both legs towards each other and reach one foot down into the pedal to lift up. As you go up be mindful that you are still reaching down into the pedal and not leaning forward into your front leg. As you lower down it's not that you have to go slow but controlled. You don't want to "bottom" out. Instead, press down in your front leg to control the descent and lift up in your center. Repeat 3-5x and switch legs. If you find you have one leg stronger than the other, do the weak side again. In the future, go weak, strong, weak.

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Fantastic tips, thank you!
I’m off to practice with a new focus. Also love the link to other exercises on the Reformer ❤️

Wonderful Natasha, we try to help people see how the whole method works together! xx

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