Footwork on the Mat

When you do Footwork on your Mat it’s easy for your legs to try and take your chest with them. Keep your chest up and still as your legs go in and out.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (The mat shown in this video is the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 5-10x of each variation
  • Warning: May not be ideal for some neck and back issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Footwork on the Mat

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Footwork on the Pilates Mat is one of my favorite ways to bring a Reformer exercise on the Mat. Footwork is a great way to warm up before you hit your Hundred on the Mat and also a great way to make your Mat work a bit harder on days you want a bit more. This exercise will challenge you in unique ways because when you do Footwork on the Reformer your head and chest is down. When you do Footwork on your Mat your head and chest are up and it's easy for your legs to try and take your chest with them. After this challenge try to feel the connections from your Mat on your Reformer.

As the legs go out and in maintain your head and chest in one place.

Laying on your back bring your knees into your chest and your heels together, toes and knees apart. Lift your head and chest up and place your hands behind your head elbows wide. If you would like support for your lower back, place your hands under your pelvis. Press your hands into your head and your head into your hands. This will help you connect your arms to your back. Squeeze your heels together and feel your outer hips hug in and ready to send your legs out and support them.

Toes: Send your legs out to the high diagonal and then bend your knees back in 5-10x. When you bend in make sure your heels don't drop down as you bend your knees in.

Arches: Parallel your legs and hug them tighter together. Flex your ankles and curl your toes. Reach through your arches and send your legs out and in 5-10x

Heels: Flex your ankles and your toes, keep your legs parallel and together. Reach your legs out and in 5-10x

Tendon Stretch: Return to the "Toes" position, send your legs out to the high diagonal and leave them out there as your point and flex your ankles. 5-10x.

Keep your head and chest up the entire time or take a break between positions. When the legs move maintain your chest up and not coming up or lowering down as the legs move.

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