Tips for Pilates Push Ups on the Mat

Many people can rock push up with their arms. But you need your whole body. We’ll cover the ways to get your body ready to use the entire body in each rep.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Mat (I love using the Contrology Folding Mat.)
  • Reps: 3-5 of each
  • Warning: Not ideal for some shoulder and back issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Tips for Pilates Push Ups on the Mat

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Pilates Push Ups on the Pilates Mat can be so hard because they require the entire body to work together. Push Ups in general are a great way to strengthen the entire body. But, many people can rock push up with their arms. However, if you're not used to do Push Ups with your elbows back then these can become even more difficult. In this tutorial, we will cover the ways to get your body ready to use your whole body with each rep and also how to transition in and out to do all the reps that are part of the exercise.

Stand firmly in your feet, hug your legs tight, lift up in your center.

To do Pilates Push Ups you start standings, then doing a standing Roll Up you roll down to the mat and walk out as if you're doing a reverse Teaser. Then your entire body has to lower and lift. Then you roll back up to standing. It's tempting to let things go on the in and out of the plank. However, the more you can keep everything together the easier this exercise becomes and the stronger you become.

Practice rolling down and up without locking your knees out.
Feel the Hundred's curl as you come out of a plank to begin to walk back.
Use your legs more than you think. In fact, think about your legs working as hard here as they do in the Double Straight Leg Stretch.

Another way to strengthen your body is to start laying on the mat flat. Tuck your toes and hug your heels together. Place your hands under your shoulders and roll your shoulders back. Hover your whole body 2 inches of the mat and then lower all the way back down. Try it again.

If you can't get yourself up 2 inches off the mat it's ok. Just try! There is a lot of muscles and strength working even in the attempt.

Eventually, you'll be able to hover 2 inches and then press all the way up.

And also, think about these as elbow bends and not push ups!

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