Arm Circles on the Ped-O-Pul

Stability is not available on the Ped-O-Pul making it easier to see the asymmetry’s in our bodies. One arm might circle wider, higher or more out of control

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Ped-O-Pul (The ped-o-pul shown in this video is the Contrology Ped-O-Pul.)
  • Reps: 3-5 each direction
  • Warning: The equipment is unstable. Not ideal for beginner clients or those with shoulder issues who cannot control the springs.
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Arm Circles on the Ped-O-Pul

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Arm Circles in Pilates appear almost everywhere springs exist! So, the Pilates Ped-O-Pul is just another place where we can practice reaching out from our back and creating circles with our arms. The design of the Ped-O-Pul makes these Arm Circles one of the hardest things to do! However, because the stability is not available on the Ped-O-Pul it's much easier to see the asymmetries in our bodies. One arm might circle wider, higher or more out of control. If you are feeling confident in your Arm Circles lying down and standing on the Cadillac, and on the Reformer give this exercise a go!

Press through the pinky side of your hand and reach from your back

Standing with your heels together and toes apart, back up against the pole. With your hands in the handles find the longest spine you can. Pressing through your feet without locking your knees and reaching out through your arms into the handles from your back, stand tall. You do not need to press your lower back into the pole but you do want to feel the lower ribs in the back try to connect in. It's also easy to swallow the pole up with your shoulder blades. But remember we are always looking for a wide back!

Press out into the handles and begin to circle your arms. The first time you do you may notice the down is fairly easy but the controlling of the up is quite challenging. Start small and grow your circles until you find the biggest circle that you can control. Notice if there is a spot where you lose control or connection. After doing three to five circles in one direction reverse. And, remember, it's not about the circles. The circles are a distraction, a challenge for you. Can you maintain the connection to your center while circling your arms? Is the pole leaving your spine? This is a great exercise to end your Pilates session with!

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