Knee Stretches: Single Leg Knees Off Prep on the Reformer

Often during Knees Off we lose the long spine flexion. Try this if that’s something you need to focus on or if you’re struggling to keep your knees hovering.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 5-8 each side
  • Warning: Not ideal for some knee or back issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Knee Stretches: Single Leg Knees Off Prep on the Reformer

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Knee Stretches Knees off on the Pilates Reformer is challenging when you are new to Pilates. This Single Leg Knees off variation is great for preparing you for Knee Stretches Knees off and the Advancement Single Leg Knees Off. One of the beauties of the Single Leg Knee Off Prep is that it helps you really find the longest flexion in your Knee Stretches and keep it while taking one leg away. Often when people do Knees Off they lose the longest flexion. If that is something you need to focus on, or if you are struggling to keep your knees hovering, this one is for you.

Press the carriage out and in with your back leg and center, knee low.

With two heavy springs on set up as if you are doing Knee Stretches Round. Both hands on the footbar with your wrists straight. Make sure your thumbs are with your fingers and arms are reaching from your back. Look down towards your springs and reach your tailbone between your knees. Place the ball of one foot towards the front of the carriage. The other foot is pressing into the shoulder block. Ball of the foot pressing down into the carriage and back into the block. Hover the knee of the foot pressing back 2 inches off the carriage.

Without moving your arms or your upper body, keeping the longest flexion of your spine, press the back leg back and towards straight then bend your knee and pull the carriage back home. Repeat 3-5x and switch sides. If you notice that one side is struggling more than the other, then repeat on the side that needs it. And practice "weak," "strong," "weak." When you are ready then go into Knee Stretches Knees Off and remove this from your order. Bring it back if you need to it practice Single Leg Knees Off Prep.

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