High Bridge on the Reformer

Try this on your Spine Corrector & Mat before you try it on the Reformer. This exercise not only elevates your feet and hands but also adds spring tension.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 2-3; one of each single leg variation
  • Warning: Not ideal for low back, shoulder or neck issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

High Bridge on the Reformer

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High Bridge (or Wheel) on the Pilates Reformer is more possible than you think. If you can get up. Which, is my biggest struggle. So, I use a spotter to help me get up. But, it's a great exercise to challenge your backbends, two-way stretch and fear of heights! I highly recommend trying this out on your Spine Corrector, the Mat and even in your Yoga classes before you try it on your Reformer. It's one thing to be good at a backbend on a flat surface. It's another to elevate your feet and then another level to add the spring tension.

Stand in your legs, reach from your back and get as long as you can.

Typically done on two springs and before Knee Stretches. If you're going to do it, the High Bridge or Wheel is a way to test your two-way stretch, your extension and strength. For me it's hard to get up into position at one spot. My body loves a backbend and I can do it on the Mat and Spine Corrector but I struggle with the extra lift on the Reformer. So I will use a spotter. I recommend using one. Lay on your back, Foot Bar up and hands on the shoulder rests. Feet are parallel on the foot bar. Press up until the top of your head is on the head rest. Then press all the way up into your High Bridge.

Once in position, reach your arms into the shoulder blocks and press the carriage away. After 2-3x, if you feel strong, lift one leg up and then the other. Make sure you do the weak side 2x. And then bend your elbows tuck your head in and lower yourself down. Take a moment to let your back settle and the blood to come out of your head and into your body before you roll up and hit those knee stretches.

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