Arm Series on the Spine Corrector

The Spine Corrector may look odd and maybe less necessary than the Reformer but trust me, it will change your Pilates practice like almost nothing else.

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Equipment Needed: Spine Corrector, 1 or 2 lb. weights, weighted pole (I love using the spine corrector - Clara Step Barrel and the weights shown in this video is the Handweights.)
  • Reps: 3-5 each side, direction and variation
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some neck or shoulder injuries
  • Questions: Contact us here

Arm Series on the Spine Corrector

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I am pretty sure that I didn't appreciate the awesomeness of the arm series on the Pilates Spine Corrector enough the first few years I did Pilates. In fact, I think it was when I went through my year-long training with Jay Grimes that I began to really truly fall in love with the Spine Corrector. So much so I started doing it almost every day. I even went online to purchase my own for my home. Ok, so I didn't complete the purchase but I was close! I mean, this piece of equipment may look odd and maybe less necessary than the Reformer but trust me, it will change your Pilates practice like almost nothing else can.

Now that you are set up grab your weights for the first three and then switch to a weighted pole for the forth one. There are several exercises you can do here during this series:
1) Arm Circles: holding your 1or 2lb weights in your hands reach your arms to the ceiling and begin to circle them five times in each direction. Your circles can be as big as you can stay connected to your Spine Corrector.
2) One arm: reach one arm back and one arm forward. You will feel a stretch on one side. But, don't let your arms just hang off the sockets. Maintain your connection to your back to increase your strength and flexibility. Switch and Repeat 3-5 times
3) Hug: Inhale open your arms wide like a "fly" and exhale as you deepen the back connection. Inhale begin to close your arms, layer your elbows on top of each other and exhale as you press your arms away from your head. Switch and repeat 3 more times.
4) Holding your weighted pole reach your arms back overhead as far as you can keep your body connected to the Spine Corrector. You will feel a deep opposition. Pulse twice and then lower the bar towards your thighs. Lift it back up and repeat 3-5 more times.

Connect your whole back to the Spine Corrector during the exercise.

There are two ways to do the Spine Corrector arm series 1) Sitting in front of the round side and extending back over it with your shoulders ideally on the apex of the barrel. 2) Sitting on the edge of the step and extending back over the hump, again with your shoulders at the apex and head will rest down the back of the barrel. Pick the one that best suits your body. You should feel your whole back connect to the Spine Corrector no matter where your arms are in space. Your legs can be bent or straight but they are not on vacation. They will be working to help you remain connected to your equipment.

Be sure to check out more of my Pilates Spine Corrector exercises. I want to help you continue your Pilates Spine Corrector training!

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