Mountain Climber on the Wunda Chair

Use Mountain Climber to help you connect more to your Knee Stretches on the Reformer. Challenge your Spine Stretch Forward, Double Leg Stretch and more!

  • Difficulty: Intermediate | Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Wunda Chair (I love using the Balanced Body Wunda Chair.)
  • Reps: 32 pumps
  • Warning: May not be suitable for some knee issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Mountain Climber on the Wunda Chair

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Mountain Climber on the Pilates Wunda Chair is one of the most difficult Wunda Chair exercises, I think. It requires strength, stamina, coordination, balance and control, just to name a few things. While there is a prep the full Mountain Climber will challenge your Pilates practice! And, as much as it will challenge your practice it will also help you connect more to so many other Pilates exercises like Knee Stretches on the Reformer. I believe you will see multiple Pilates exercises at play when you take on the Mountain Climber on the Wunda Chair. Try the Prep and as you feel ready try the full exercise.

Reach your arms from your back, press down into the pedal as you lift.

Begin with one top spring and one bottom spring on the Wunda Chair. Place your feet on the pedal and your fingertips on the back edge of the chair. Take one foot on top of the chair. Find your Rolling like a Ball shape over your front leg. Bend your pedal leg knee and this will be your start position. If you are doing the prep, you will stay here and pump the pedal leg up and down 10x without shifting your hips or resting on your top leg. You may even lift your hands slightly for these. And then switch.

If you are moving beyond the prep, you will start the same way but with your arms reaching beyond the chair from your back. Pump the pedal 8x while you hover over your front leg like your back is doing Stomach massage round or Rolling like a Ball. Then, maintain the shape of your legs pump the pedal 8x as your roll up to a tall back arms reaching and pedal leg pumping 8 more times while you are there. Next, begin to round back forward to your start position for the final 8 pumps. A total of 32 pumps and then switch legs.

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