Pull Ups on the Wunda Chair

After really practicing the Pull Ups I noticed my Elephant, Up Stretch and even Jackknife get stronger. I was able to maintain the lift and reach!

  • Difficulty: Beginner | Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed: Wunda Chair
  • Reps: 3 sets of 3-5
  • Warning: May not be ideal for some wrist/shoulder injuries
  • Questions: Contact us here

Pull Ups on the Wunda Chair

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The Pull Ups on the Pilates Wunda Chair was the first Wunda Chair exercise I learned and I was in love. Ok, maybe the Push Down came first but I know it was the Pull Ups that had me begging to be on the Wunda chair as much as possible. There is something so acrobatic about them and not to mention they make you feel like you could press right up and into a handstand right then and there. They are also an essential exercise to learning some of the most foundational Pilates exercises. After really practicing the Pull Ups I noticed my Elephant, Up Stretch and even Jackknife get stronger.

The pedal may not lift! Don't worry, focus on reaching into the chair.

When you first learn the Pull Ups you will probably start with one top and one bottom spring. But, over time (or depending on weight) you can drop down to one middle and one bottom or two bottom or even no springs! Place your hands on the back of the chair and the balls of your feet on the pedal, heels together and toes apart. Make sure all of your metatarsals are on the pedal! Hug your legs tight together and connect your shoulders to your back. Lift your center up as you reach your arms and legs into the chair.

Then maintain your reach into the chair as you lift your center and the pedal up. be mindful that you are not leaning your shoulders over your wrist so that the pedal can push you up. As you lift the pedal up reach into your feet so that when it's time you can control the pedal down to a hover and then back up. Repeat 3-5x. It's super easy to hop up. It's really ok to not ever lift the pedal. If you are truly finding your two-way stretch and lifting your center you will get strong enough one day to lift the pedal up!

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