Pilates Retreat Maui Mat Class 1
We are here at Arlene Salomon's amazing Pilates studio in Maui, which happens to be on the water, and today's class is all about feeling where we are on the mat.


Online Mat Pilates Class Description:

Hi, I’m Lesley Logan and I’m here with Arlene Salomon in Maui for a beautiful Pilates retreat!

We are here at her amazing Pilates studio, which happens to be on the water, and today’s class is all about feeling where we are on the mat. It is our first day and the first class of the retreat so we’re all just kind of getting to know our body on the grass. I hope you enjoy it!


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  • DATE & TIME: Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • LENGTH: This mat class is 45 minutes long.
  • LEVEL: This class is for all levels but will feel like an intermediate flow.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Just your awesome self and a mat.
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesley here. Otherwise, see you in class!

Prefer a private option? Lesley offers Skype and Facetime sessions. You can book yours right into Lesley’s schedule here.


Enjoying Lesley’s teaching style? Willing to travel? Explore the world while maintaining your practice by joining Lesley on a Pilates retreat.

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Comments (2)

Woohoo! Thanks Lesley, that was great!
I’m going to do the next class in my backyard looking toward the pool, my own little ocean. xxLW

LW I Love this idea!!!! More classes to come xx~LL

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