This workshop is more than "beginner exercises." In fact, we won't spend a lot time on the levels or order. So it doesn't matter where you are in your Pilates or teaching practice. Or, even your Pilates background. Bring yourself, your notebook and your Barrels questions!


Online Pilates Workshop Description:

It’s easy to skip the beauty and benefits of the barrels in Pilates. In this ‘Mastering the Basics’ workshop we will go over the benefits of each barrel:

  • Spine Corrector,
  • Small Barrel, and,
  • Ladder Barrel

You don’t need to have all of these to join this workshop.

LL will cover the reasons to choose one barrel over another and how you can use these barrels to enhance your Reformer and Mat practice.

Bring your questions as well! After the hour long workshop LL will stick around to answer any questions you have.


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  • DATE & TIME: Held July 2020.
  • LENGTH: This workshop is 60 minutes long. There will be a 30 minute Q&A after the workshop.
  • LEVEL: This workshop is for all levels.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and your barrels! (Barrels not actually needed to take the workshop…)]
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesley here. Otherwise, see you in class!

Prefer a private option? Lesley offers Skype and Facetime sessions. You can book yours right into Lesley’s schedule here.


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I just watched Mastering the Basics of Pilates on the Barrels. It was wonderful! I’ll definitely be coming back to it again. I loved the description of how ballet stretches help you to stand in your leg and how to stop yourself from becoming a PEZ dispenser. Awesome!

haha yes!! Thanks for watching! So glad you got so much out of it. I’m loving doing this series. Next is the chairs! xx~LL

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