This workshop is more than "beginner exercises." In fact, we won't spend a lot of time on the levels or order. So it doesn't matter where you are in your Pilates or teaching practice. Or, even your Pilates background. Bring yourself, your notebook and your Chair questions!


Online Pilates Workshop Description:

There are three Chairs in the Pilates apparatus family and yet many people only have know about is the Wunda Chair. One of the first pieces of home gym equipment. And now because of ‘Rona, many Pilates enthusiasts of all levels are buying their own Wunda Chairs. SOO FUN!

In this Mastering the Basics on the Chairs we will cover why each chair has its own purpose in your practice, how to connect to each chair and see when you’re not connected, discuss how each chair is there to help teach and challenge your Pilates practice and more.

We will also cover how to make your Wunda Chair act like a High Chair (aka Electric Chair.) And, the beauty of the Arm Chair (aka Baby chair,) why it moves and playing with the angle.

As always after this one hour workshop you can stay on to ask all the questions you have. And, you there will be a replay indefinitely. Buy your spot early to save $29. You don’t need to be at your chair to participate in this workshop.


Registrants Only - Mastering the Basics of Pilates Workshop - by Lesley Logan

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  • DATE & TIME: Held August 2020.
  • LENGTH: This workshop is 60 minutes long. There will be a 30 minute Q&A after the workshop.
  • LEVEL: This workshop is for all levels.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and your chairs! (Chairs not actually needed to take the workshop…)]
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesley here. Otherwise, see you in class!

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