All Equipment (billed annually)


You get 152 classes each year, but broken down by week and month they look like this.

EIGHT ON-DEMAND 30-MINUTE CLASSES Every WEEK there will be one on-demand 30-minute Mat Class and an on-demand 30 minute Reformer Class that you can take at whatever time you what, on any device, wherever you are in the world. That’s 104 classes a year! These classes will be available for exactly 7 days before they expire and are replaced by the next week’s classes. Classes are posted on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM PST.

THREE ON-DEMAND 50-MINUTE CLASSES Every MONTH there will be one on-demand 50-minute Reformer Class, one on-demand 50-minute Cadillac Class, and one on-demand 50-minute Wunda Chair Class. That’s 36 more classes a year! You will have access to the replay of these classes for 1 month from when they go live, on the 1st of each month. (There will be a count-down timer below the class to make it easy.) These 50-minute on-demand classes expire at the end of the month they went live.

ONE LIVE 50 MINUTE CLASS & KICK-IT SESH Every MONTH there will be one live 50-minute Mat Class with a 40-minute “Kick-It Sesh” (community hang out, live via Zoom). You will have access to the replay of this class for 1 month from when it goes live. That’s another 12 classes a year! These classes probably won’t happen on the first of each month, as they are based on Lesley’s availability, so that means they might cross over into the next month… (There will be a count-down timer below the class to make it easy.)

DO THE CLASSES EXPIRE? Yes, these classes expire each week and each month (as described above) – and that’s entirely on purpose… yay for accountability! So don’t miss a class because once it’s timed out, it’s gone! Does that mean if you join this membership on the last day of the month that you’ll only have access to those four 50-minute classes for one day? Yes, yes it does. But don’t worry, because you’ll have four more coming on the 1st of the next month…

DOES THIS SUBSCRIPTION AUTOMATICALLY RENEW? Yep! It’s a whole lot easier for you and us. So it will renew automatically. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email a week before it does so you’re not surprised.

CAN I CANCEL AT ANY TIME? Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time! If you stop your subscription half way through your current billing period you’ll still have access to the classes until that billing period is finished. So, for example, if you joined on May 6 and then cancel on May 7, you’d still have access to the future classes in your subscription until your billing cycle is up, whether that billing cycle is a week, a month or a year from May 6.

QUESTIONS? You can always contact us by reaching out through our contact page.

** When you join this automatically renewing membership you’ll also be added to our email list. This is so that we can notify you each time a new class from your subscription is posted to the site.**

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