RT - Bottoms Up Workshop- Online Pilates Classes

Having trouble getting your Pilates Peach up and over? In this workshop, we will go over exercises that you can do to help teach your body (or another body) to get those hips up. Also, we’ll go over a progression of “overhead” exercises. Learn building blocks to “advanced” exercises like Overhead, Roll Over, High Frogs, Control Balance and more. Bring your inversion exercise questions with you!

We will go over tips for those who don’t have access to other equipment as well as options for if you do! After this workshop, you (those you teach) will see possibility for standing on your shoulders and getting that bottom up!

Join us from the comfort of your own spot! There will be a replay indefinitely for those who cannot join live. We will spend 60-minutes on getting those hips up and then have a 30-minute AMA (ask me anything). Buy your spot before we go live to save $19 (OPC Members will save $29).

WHEN: Forever access to replay immediately upon registration.

** Joining this membership will also add you to our email list, but you’ll have to confirm with the double opt-in email. So, make sure to go to your email right after and confirm that you want to be added to the list! **