Christine Kam-Lynch

Pilates Teacher

Christine Kam-Lynch, Pilates Bound

Christine’s adventure with Pilates began at her junior high school’s gym class. Different sports and movement activities were introduced and rotated throughout the school year. Kinda like OPC themes. How cool is that? She dabbled with practicing Pilates on and off until 2006 when she got seriously hooked at a free mat class at a local health and wellness pharmacy. So much so that she stepped into a studio to try out the different apparatuses. Hmmm, is it a studio, or is it a playground? So much to play with, so much fun, and the feedback you get – there’s nothing like it! She walked into her Pilates sessions with so much weighing on her mind and body, and always left stronger, taller, lighter. Talk about a full mind and body workout.

As a 3rd generation Pilates Teacher, Christine’s cues are simple and straight-forward so you know what muscle engagements we’re after. The more she shares from her self-practice, the more we’ll all shine together. Christine recalls a moment during one of her sessions, and feeling like a lit up Christmas tree on the inside – like the internal connections of her body was a string of lights, and ya know how you plug in a string of lights, and it all turns on together? Everything connects at once! That’s what she wants for you. You go from thinking about what you have to do to your body knowing what to do.

Just like practicing Pilates is Christine’s “and” with other movement activities, teaching Pilates is her “and” with her career as a full-time Technology Program Manager, leading teams in the US and India. She is a former perfectionist, a current dog mom, an all-around FUN-sized firecracker with a big smile, a large personality and a LOL laugh.

Be prepared to work, play, and laugh hard in her classes. Laughing works the abdominal muscles too!