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Pilates Mat & Reformer Classes: More About that Thass

It’s been a bit since we sole focused on our Thass. And this week, instead of using a Magic Circle to connect us to our missing link, I want you to grab a Thera band for your Mat. If you don’t have one, feel free to use a pair of leggings and/or your imagination. We are focusing on how we can get your back side to take its turn more often! Are you ready? How about your Thass?

See ya in class,


These weekly online Mat & Reformer Pilates classes are offered by Lesley Logan, a Pilates Instructor in Los Angeles. Each week one new mat and one new reformer class will be available, and last week’s will disappear. Each 30-minute class is only live for 7 days, starting at 2:00 pm PST on Tuesday each week and are then replaced by the next week’s class. You may watch the current class as many times as you would like, any time of the day!