Pilates Retreat Maui – 2018 Mat Workshops

Join me virtually in Maui for my summer retreat with Arlene Salomon from August 3-8 by signing up for these online workshops.

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Lesley's Reformer on the Mat
Workshop with Lesley Logan
Workshop with Lesley Logan.

The ‘Reformer on the Mat’ will be a 2-hour Pilates workshop bringing all exercises you know and love from the reformer into your mat practice. Throughout each exercise, we’ll be mentally connecting the two pieces of equipment.

Arlene's Teaser Workshop
with Arlene Salomon
Workshop with Arlene Salomon.

Arlene’s ‘Teaser Workshop’ will be a 2-hour workshop focused on building the elements needed to move well through this exercise. We’ll be working out of her gorgeous studio that is right along the beach in Maui, with the most beautiful background!

​During this workshop you will learn exercises to connect to your butt (what I like to call your “Thass”), how to see if it’s working and how to use it in some of the most difficult exercises. We will explore on the Mat, Cadillac, Reformer and more.
Take All 9 Mat Classes
with Lesley Logan & Arlene Salomon
Pilates Mat Classes with Lesley Logan & Arlene Salomon.

Don’t forget about our twice-a-day mat classes! Each morning and evening we’ll be having a group mat class out on the lawn, just a 1-minute walk from the beach in Maui. Both Arlene and Lesley will be teaching.

Pilates Retreat Maui Workshops

Workshops will appear as they are filmed, edited and uploaded, so keep checking back. Also, we will email those already subscribed.