Rachel Piper

Pilates Teacher

Rachel Piper, Size Diverse Pilates LLC

Rachel is a classically trained comprehensive Pilates teacher who believes that you should love your body for what it can do no matter your size, your age, or your current abilities.

Rachel strives to help others find joy in movement while feeling included within the community. She works towards creating space for people who might not think they have a place in Pilates whether it’s because of gender identity, race, size or shape, physical state, or being neurodiverse.

Rachel went through Teacher Training to gain more knowledge about her own body (she likes to say that she practices Pilates in a “bigger body”) and to help her autistic son with balance and flexibility.

Rachel works full time in the Biotechnology field and spends her free time teaching and talking about Pilates, reading, and hanging out with her husband, son, and two pups.