Full Pilates Reformer Order and How To Do Each Exercise

Full Pilates Reformer Order and How To Do Each Exercise

Pilates on the Reformer has an incredible flow from one exercise to the next. And, when you know what comes next you can feel how each exercise prepares you for what is to come. You don’t need to do every exercise on the Reformer to do Pilates. Do what you can each time you hit your Reformer and feel free to omit what you are not ready for or replace an exercise with something that will prepare you for the one you are skipping. But, remember, if you don’t like a Pilates exercise you probably need it.

So, here is the Classical Pilate Reformer Order with tips on how to do them in the videos.
(videos will continue to be added over the next few weeks)

If this looks like a lot don’t worry. Not every exercise is for everybody. And, some of these you may take years to get to. Also, several are easily omit-able. You don’t have to do all the backbends. You can pick one or two. Mermaid and Headstands are often omitted.

Pilates is a practice, not a perfect. So do the best you can each time you hit your Reformer. If you need accountability and guidance, be sure to join the weekly online Reformer membership. Every week you can take class as many times as you want and practice that weeks theme in 30-min.

And, be sure to check out how the Mat exercises and their order support the Reformer ones here.


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