Control Push Ups Back on the Reformer

Control Push Ups Back is an incredible combination of Chest Expansion, Tree, Single Leg Circles and more exercises. It’s a great challenge for your practice.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 3-5
  • Warning: Not ideal for some shoulder or knee issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Control Push Ups Back on the Reformer

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Control Push Ups Back on the Pilates Reformer is an incredible combination of Chest Expansion, Tree, Single Leg Circles and a few more Pilates exercises. It looks a bit super advanced. And, it definitely requires a more advanced practice. But, it's a perfect example of how the foundational Pilates exercises set you up for more difficult exercises. The more you stand in your seat, upper back the more your center can control your balance in this exercise. You can do this exercise in parts. You may start with just getting into the exercise or you may add kicks, circles or dips. It's up to you!

Reach from your seat into the bar to stay out of your knees.

With one or two heavy springs on your Reformer stand facing your foot bar and place both hands on your shoulder blocks. You want the hands to be as close to the edge as possible. Then place the balls of your feet on your foot bar. You can stand in parallel or heels together and toes slightly apart. If you have never done this exercise, or you're fairly new, hold this position and practice pressing the carriage out and in from your upper back without rounding your shoulders or dipping your hips down.

After you have practiced holding yourself up, you can start to add in some other combinations. Pressing the carriage out and kicking one leg up. As you close the carriage lower the leg down and switch sides. Do this 2-3x each side. You can also press the carriage out and circle your leg in one direction, switch legs and circle in the same direction, switch legs and reverse directions! And, if you would like to add even more to this flow then maintaining the carriage still bend your elbows and do 3-5 dips. After you are done, close your springs and then step to the floor.

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