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Doing life better.

Hey Pilatini®!

I talk to women every single day who tell me that they that they want to work out, they want to feel like they used to before they had kids and a house (on top of their job), before covid stole what little free time they had left to themselves. They tell me they can’t remember what it’s like to have friends because they no longer get to the gym to meet people.

And so they wake up earlier, stay up later, skip their workouts or reading time – and then feel guilty for feeling frustrated, tired, overworked, under appreciated.

I’ve had this conversation hundreds of times. And it forced me into action, because I never heard anyone tell me how to fix it.

I felt obligated to create these new programs on OPC, because I know exactly how helpful they will be for busy, working moms who just want to feel good that they snuck in a workout after a long crazy day. Where we can feel like life is (almost) normal again, as we create time for ourselves.

See, what other programs miss is that they think we actually have the time for options. They think we need a zillion choices. Hell, they think we actually know what workout we want that day… (maybe throw a dart to choose?)

But we all know that leaves us choosing a workout not based on if it’s the best workout for us, but based on how many minutes we actually have at that exact moment. “OK, I have 23 minutes before Zoom school is over. That leaves me 3 minutes to find a 20 minute class.” We’ll shower later, right?

This is exactly why these new OPC programs exist.

A lot of you have already done some of the workouts where we were messing around with class times, length, days, availability, etc. Now it’s all dialed in and ready for you.

You’re going to learn and practice Pilates in 30 and 50 minute increments in a way that takes you ZERO time at all to choose what class to take. (Literally two mouse clicks from when you login that you have a class playing.)

You’re going to take the same class multiple times and be able to measure your WINS every day, because you remember how you felt when taking class the day before.

You won’t feel alone anymore, because even though we’re all working out from home, you’ll be taking the same class that hundreds of other women are taking too.

But this program isn’t for everyone, because it’s going to take a decision. You need to decide when you’re going to take class each week. And I hold you accountable to that decision by taking the classes away. Like the old saying, “Use it or lose it.”

So if you’re ready to make that decision for yourself, and you want to join the hundreds of other women who post about their workouts all the time, then we can work together – and I can’t wait for that!

So choose your membership (based on the equipment you have access to.)

You’ll be signing up for consistency, connection and community. Repeat.

Questions? Just chat your question to us here.



Connection, community and consistency are what we looked for in an online Pilates subscription before we created OPC; a Pilates membership you’ll actually use.



Connect more to yourself physically and mentally. Connect with Lesley. Connect with others.

Pilates makes better humans, and you’re going to love how you feel!



OPC has the most supportive members-only community that you’ll find on the ‘net! It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Pilates or have been teaching for decades, or if you were trained one way vs another, you’ll be in a safe, supportive space in our group.



We hold you accountable to your commitment. Every OPC membership comes with weekly classes. Those classes are only live for 7 days and then they disappear – so don’t miss them, or they’re gone! Trust us, after missing your first class you’ll immediately schedule your practice into your own calendar so you never miss another one.


Below are four 5 minute sample clips of an online mat, reformer, cadillac and wunda chair class.



Every week there will be one new Mat class for you to take. Each month you can join us for a longer live class, then take the replay for a full month. You can take class whenever, where ever and as often as you want! Classes are live for 7 days and then they disappear.


Sneaking in your workout between clients? Or maybe at the office? Classes are the perfect length at 30+ minutes. Looking for a longer class to do on the weekend? Take the 50 minute classes. Enjoy!


Spending 15 minutes deciding what class to take? Here you’ll have two choices. Take the weekly or the monthly class. But, don’t miss them or they’re gone… We love FOMO here!


Tablet? Phone? Desktop? No problem. You can easily login and take class on any device at a time that fits your schedule.


So much more convenient and less than half the price of going to the gym or studio. Get the All Equipment class package and save even more!


So often I hear that there is too much time between the exercise transitions with lengthy explanations, when all you really want to do is work out. Well, we FLOW here.


An online Pilates membership you’ll actually use.


Sylwia_Kapalka_-_Pniewska-thegem-person-160 - Online Pilates Classes


You are a very good teacher! Your tips to the exercises are priceless. I am so happy that i have join to your community finally :relieved:  Tomorrow I want to try reformer – before it’s gone.


Nikki_Ditrolio_Pilates-thegem-person-160 - Online Pilates Classes


I really value the face book group and the connection it provides to Lesley and the other members. What I love about the OPC crowd is the mix of classical and contemporary teachers and enthusiasts bringing such positive energy. It can be difficult to find such a mix without the ‘my way or the highway’ comments.





Yearly (Bonus) Monthly


Unsure of which one is best for you? Ask us! Chat to us here (opens Messenger).

Looking for weekly classes only? Find them here.


We’ve gotten tons of questions about these memberships. Here are our answers to those FAQs.

Three things!

  1. a simple, convenient online Pilates membership that gets you STRAIGHT to working out,
  2. an instantly welcoming community (seriously, they rock!) that post regularly, and
  3. we hold you accountable, making this a membership that YOU’LL ACTUALLY USE and feel good about it afterward.

Ok, here’s the thing. We are all going to spend something on our health somewhere, right? Whether that’s after all the upcoming holiday meals, next year when we’re (fingers crossed!) back in the gym, or at the doctor’s office (I hope not!) So since investing in yourself is going to happen somewhere along the line, it might as well happen now, when you can join an excited group of Pilates lovers who, as a community, can get us out of this covid slump. I can tell you that I’m not great at going at my practice totally alone… it’s just too easy to put it off to tomorrow (raise your hand if this is you too!)

Busy people! Because we keep it simple! You can take it with you wherever you are. I found Pilates when I was so busy and didn’t think I could add anything new to my day. But, time expanded when I found Pilates because I worked my entire body in a session. Didn’t need to think about what other parts of my body needed to get worked out later that week.

Ok, most people assume that you have to have at least an hour of time every day to get your practice in, but you can do it in only THIRTY MINUTES! Seriously, you can go through Joe’s entire order in 30 minutes or less. That’s not even a full lunch break!

We all have to start somewhere! You don’t have to already be flexible and/or strong to do Pilates… that’s the point – it helps you build both of those things. Seriously, after 10 sessions you’re going to feel a difference. You’re going to sleep better, stand taller, and move more easily. Wait til you’ve taken 20 or 30!

You don’t need a different workout everyday… the fitness world has you thinking you need to do ALL the things. But, actually, you need quality over quantity. You need to show up for you and do the best you can. OPC helps you get better at connecting to yourself – aka your muscles, your mind and body and your breath, all in 30 min.

We’ve just introduced a monthly option at your request. And, you can cancel at any time. Check it out!

Ok, here’s the deal. I have to imagine if you’re even reading this that means you WANT to feel better in your own body. So it DOES take a decision on your part, but here’s how we help you stay accountable to that decision you are making:

  • We take the classes away. Wait, WHAT? Yes… the classes are available for a limited time, so don’t miss them or they’re gone! Why? Because, accountability, that’s why!
  • We have the flippin’ coolest community of other Pilates peeps who all chat to each other all the time. Seriously, wait til you get in there and meet them! It’ll be like when you were part of a weekly class at your local studio, seeing the same people all the time. And, you’ll be taking the same classes as them at the same time, so when you talk about something they’ll know what you mean!

Here’s the deal. This membership is NOT for you if you want a quick fix, or you want to “feel the burn”… this is not a HIIT class or CrossFit. This is a long term solution that you can (literally) do for the rest of your life.

I don’t work with people who want me to wave a magic wand. I don’t do quick fixes. I work with people who want to learn about themselves, strengthen themselves, challenge themselves, and be in community.

But for those who make a decision for themselves, here’s what I do: I show up for you each week! I hear what you struggle with, what your body needs, what exercises you don’t like and create the classes you need to be more successful.


lesley logan onlinepilatesclasses com


Your Pilates Guide

Lesley Logan, a 2nd generation certified Pilates teacher, breathwork, habits and mindset coach, is the founder of, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops.

Teaching Pilates since 2008, she has run multiple studios, has trained hundreds of people to become teachers themselves and has taught thousands of students around the world.



When not teaching from her studio in Las Vegas, Lesley she’s hosting her podcast Be It Till You See It or traveling the world-leading Pilates retreats. Connect with Lesley on Instagram @lesley.logan or through the contact page on this site. Read Lesley’s full story here.


(in her own words)

  • • I make my toast in a pan, because who needs another thing on the counter?
  • • I take two of my three dogs on a 4 mile walk almost every morning to watch the sun rise (the third dog is obsessed with my husband so she stays home)
  • • You can’t have enough flannels
  • • I know all my lipsticks by name (anyone connected to NARS? I want to be their lipstick model!)
  • • There’s no such thing as “too big” when it comes to sunglasses
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Teaser is probably one of the most photographed exercises in Pilates. Which makes people think it's a "peak pose." But, it's anything but! It's simply another layer to your Pilates practice. This week we will acknowledge how each exercise contributes to your ability to do Teaser (someday) and then how Teaser teaches you where to get curious in your practice.

On the Mat we will use light weights for one round of Teaser as they can be helpful for those still adding into their practice.
No props on the Reformer.

See you in class,


MAT EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, light weights and a Mat!

>> Wondering what mat I’m using? You can find out more here.

REFORMER EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and a Reformer!

>> Wondering what reformer I’m using? You can find out more here.



We are all going to feel like Super Humans after this month!!

Whenever I’m in a hard exercise (for me) where I’m holding myself up with my arms and reaching my legs away I picture myself with super human strength!!! I can do ANYTHING! It makes me smile and helps me stay STRONG.

This month our exercise is Up Stretch and when you think about it - reaching your legs away and staying strong over the carriage may feel a lot like flying!

We’ll be focusing on stabilizing our strong cores while staying equally balanced in our arms and legs. We are giving you some amazing building blocks by merging strength and stretch in all directions. You are going to get a little bit of everything that you can use to connect to your Up Stretch (and even your Roll Up and Knee Stretches Off).

Chair: Please have a foam roller and a balance pad available. We are going to challenge your balance safely.



Online Mat & Reformer Pilates Class Descriptions:

Shoulder Bridge has multiple phases. It's a phenomenal replacement exercise and also can be a huge challenge. You can balance your asymmetries while also revealing them. It's an exercise that can warm you up and can be part of an advanced series. This week we'll focus on exercises that benefit from Shoulder Bridge and what Shoulder Bridge is telling us about our practice that day.

Mat: magic circle for the warm up. If you don't have a circle a ball and a theraband.
Reformer: no prop needed but can use a theraband or circle for short box

See ya in class,
xx-LL 💋

MAT EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, magic circle, a ball, a theraband and a mat!

>> Wondering what mat I’m using? You can find out more here.

REFORMER EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, a theraband or circle for short box and a reformer!

>> Wondering what reformer I’m using? You can find out more here.


Online Mat & Reformer Pilates Class Descriptions:

This week we will focus on all things Rowing! How do the other exercises help our rowing series and how does rowing influence the others! Finding the arm/back connection throughout the class is how we will Row Row Row Our Boat to the finish line!

Light hand weights needed for the Mat class!

See you in class,

    MAT EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, light hand weights and a mat!

    >> Wondering what mat I’m using? You can find out more here.

    REFORMER EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and a reformer!

    >> Wondering what reformer I’m using? You can find out more here.


    Online Mat & Reformer Pilates Class Descriptions:

    The key to longevity is being able to get down to the ground and up again with as little assistance as possible. In this weeks class we are going to focus on how to stand in your feet no matter where they are in space.

    On the Mat we will have a playful ending that Joseph Pilates would do!

    The Reformer we’ll end challenging ourselves standing on our carriage. (Options to do the exercises off the Reformer too!)

    No props needed.

    See ya in class,

    xx~LL 💋

    MAT EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and a mat!

    >> Wondering what mat I’m using? You can find out more here.

    REFORMER EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self and a reformer!

    >> Wondering what reformer I’m using? You can find out more here.


    Online Mat, Reformer, Cadillac & Wunda Chair Pilates Class Descriptions:

    Hello, it's OPC Teacher Christine here! I used to get commended for my form and flexibility in any type of movement class I went to, even if it was my very first class. But what I struggled with was always hitting a plateau where I couldn't make progress or improvement. For me, that changed when I discovered the strength and control I found in practicing Pilates.

    Getting on the apparatuses puts your body in a position where you find strength, stretch, and control through your center. I was unable to fold my body like origami anymore. One of the mat exercises - double leg stretch - is great for finding a strong center regardless of what the arms and legs are doing.

    For this month, we'll explore using the concept of finding an inner lift of the belly away from the thighs to find a strength in our center, the two-way stretch of the limbs, while controlling the movement of the arms and legs whether they move away from center, or come back to center.

    Mat class: Magic Circle and squishy ball

    See you in class,


    HANG 10


    Grip strength as well as upper body strength plays an important role in so many different exercises throughout the mat and all apparatus. Our grip can influence the connection from our wrists - to our arms - to our back. And building strength in our chest and upper back can help us connect more to our center in every exercise.

    All month long we’ll explore the feeling, the strength, and the position of our hands and upper body to see how our exercises change with a little extra focus. We’ll also play with ways to gain more strength and awareness in our chest and upper back to create even more connections to the exercises.

    Chair - short pole* and a foam roller for balance
    *A thicker pole or roll down bar size might feel nice, but no worries you’ll find your connections no matter what you have on hand!
    Mat: a pole
    Reformer: No props needed
    Cadillac: No props needed

    See ya in class,
    xx-LL 💋


    Online Mat & Reformer Pilates Class Descriptions:

    Finding some love for Roll Up and Open Leg Rocker isn't easy! But, these two exercises unlock the potential for so many other exercises. And what we don't like we often need. So, let's dive into what we need to rock our Roll Ups and Open leg Rockers and see how that changes the rest of our practice in the meantime.

    Mat: Magic Circle, Pole or Theraband
    Reformer: have your shortbox pole near by


    MAT EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, Magic Circle, Pole or Theraband and a mat!

    >> Wondering what mat I’m using? You can find out more here.

    REFORMER EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your awesome self, short box and a reformer!

    >> Wondering what reformer I’m using? You can find out more here.