– Lesley Logan, Pilates Instructor –

Teaching: 12+ years
Certification: Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Address: 1001 Gayley Ave., Ste 24065, Los Angeles, CA, 90024 USA
Email: support@onlinepilatesclasses.com
Phone: +1 (310) 494-6141

Lesley Logan, NCPT, is the founder of OnlinePilatesClasses.com, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorial videos, where you can also find weekly online mat classes and workshops. When not teaching from her studio in Los Angeles, Lesley can be found traveling the world leading Pilates retreats, or offering Pilates business coaching to studio owners and other instructors through her private mastermind group. Connect with Lesley on instagram @lesley.logan.

– Online Pilates Classes –

After years of teaching regular mat classes around Los Angeles and traveling to teach workshops, Lesley wanted to create a way for more students to enjoy more Pilates.  By creating online Mat and Reformer Pilates classes Lesley was able to help clients get their Pilates fix without fighting traffic or getting on a plane.  And, sticking with Joseph Pilates’s desire for people to do their Mat and Reformer work regularly, she made them only 30 minutes long.  So no matter how busy you are, you can take a half hour for your flow.

Lesley also offers bundles of mat classes from some of her Pilates Retreats, such as her last trip to Maui here.

– Free Pilates Exercise Tutorials –

The beginning of any new Pilates journey always seems to be more full of information than movement.  Lesley experienced this when she first began practicing too.  Between sessions she would want to practice but would forget exactly how to do some of the exercises.  Remembering her experience, and later going on to become a Teacher Trainer, Lesley began filming a catalogue of every exercise.  After years of filming multiple exercises each week, OnlinePilatesClasses.com became the home for this free catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorial videos.  If only there had been something like this 15+ years ago!

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Even experienced teachers sometimes need a refresher, and these free Pilates videos are perfect for Pilates lovers, Pilates apprentices or teachers.  When you are learning so many exercises so quickly it is easy to forget a few of them.  And, while you may have the choreography of an exercises down, you may not have some key pointers to keep in mind – or might not correlate some of the exercises with others.  In these tutorials Lesley cover tips to connect to the body more deeply and also a few tips of what not to do.

– Pilates Exercise Workshops –

You will also find Pilates Exercise Workshops here that you can enjoy from the comfort of wherever you are!  Sometimes we need more than just a few minutes of discussion on an exercise.  This is where the workshops come in!  In these workshops you will find a topic that we dive deep into for two – three hours.  With online workshops you can enjoy getting analytical with the Pilates process.