How To Do Reformer Pilates Without a Reformer

How To Do Reformer Pilates Without a Reformer

I first fell in love with Pilates on the Mat! I did Pilates almost every day for one hour for a year and a half on the Mat. I couldn’t get enough of it. And, then I discovered the Reformer. And I became OBSESSED! But, I didn’t have a Reformer and it’s not like Pilates equipment classes are affordable enough to go to like a Mat class. I wanted to find ways to get more Reformer in my life without having to go out and get a Reformer.

Fast forward to several years later when I was teaching Pilates on all the equipment. I met so many people who wanted the same thing I wanted. More Reformer exercises in their life when they couldn’t get a Reformer. I found a few workshops that shared creative ways to make this happen. And, then I spent even more time exploring and getting creative with my clients and my practice. It wasn’t too long before I got what I craved so much back when I was a Pilates lover.

I found a way to do the Reformer exercises on the Mat. All of them! Including Tendon Stretch and Headstands. I taught them in classes, they inspire many of my online Mat classes and they help me dive deeper into my own practice.

These exercises not only give you a Reformer fix when you’re without a Reformer they help deepen your practice and understanding of the exercises.

So, while I was teaching Pilates in Maui I lead a workshop so that Pilates lovers and Teachers could enjoy these Reformer exercises whenever they wanted!

I know, Pilates, workshops in Maui, Hi is heaven on this earth! And before you stop reading because you’re seeing red I’ve got something for you!

See, I knew those attending would have a hard time focusing on a workshop while the waves crashed in the background. So, I filmed it. It’s edited and you can enjoy it too!

If you’re wanting more Pilates Reformer in your life and you need to do it on your Mat then check this out!


Ps Maui 2019 is happening! And you already know you want to come so check out the deets here.

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