Rowing 4: From the Hips on the Reformer

When you get this one you really feel strong. It’s easy to cheat yourself by focusing on the choreography instead of the connections. Move from your center.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 3-5
  • Warning: Not Ideal for some back and shoulder issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Rowing 4: From the Hips on the Reformer

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Pilates Rowing 4, or From the Hips, is one of my absolute favorites of all the Rowing on the Pilates Reformer. When you get this one you really feel strong and powerful. It's easy to cheat yourself out of its amazing connections by focusing on the directions, choreography instead of the connections. But, when you move from the right places you will feel the power of moving from your center. It really is a cool feeling. You typically learn this exercise with its partner Rowing 3. But after you've connected to Rowing 5 and 6. Weird order of ways to learn it but it's helpful that way. There's a lot of moving parts.

Lift your arms from your back to lift your torso, hug your legs tight.

After you do From the Chest, place your hands on the carriage by your hips and round forward. Hugging your legs tight together flex your feet and sit tall. If you're tight in your hips make sure your outer hips are working. This will help you get more lift. Remember this comes after Rowing 3. So the set up is the same as Rowing 3. You're facing your footbar hips are touching your shoulder blocks but not resting on them.

Slide your hands along the carriage reaching from your back towards the springs. It's easy to lift your arms off the carriage sooner than you should. Aim to keep your hands on the carriage all the way until you are at your feet. Leaving your head and chest where they are, lift your arms up to the height of your shoulders. Feel the weight of the carriage connect you to your center and back. Then without moving the carriage continue to lift your arms bring your upper body with you. Arrive arms reaching up, shoulders over hips and sitting tall. Reach your arms wide to the side and grow taller as your arms lower towards the frame. Repeat 2-4 more times.

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