Hamstring Curls on the Reformer

The muscles around your inner and outer thighs are integral to connecting to your center. Doing Hamstring Curls will deepen your whole Pilates practice.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer
  • Reps: 5-8 of each variation
  • Warning: May not be suitable for back or knee issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Hamstring Curls on the Reformer

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Hamstring Curls on the Pilates Reformer are harder than they look but incredible for strengthening the entire backside of your leg and balancing out all your leg muscles. It's so easy in today's lifestyles to have very "quad dominant" legs. Which makes it hard in Pilates to connect to your entire center. The muscles around your inner and outer thighs are integral to your Pilates connections. By taking the time to do your Hamstring Curls not only will you get stronger you'll see your whole Pilates practice deepen. If Teaser, Roll Up and other flexion exercises have you down, then give Hamstring Curls their time to shine.

Press your tailbone down and your knees slightly up. Reach into straps.

With two heavy springs on and your long box set up take your straps and set them up with the loops you use for Short Spine Massage. There are two ways to get on the long box. The easiest one to me is to sit facing away from your springs on your long box. Cross the straps and place the loops on your feet. Then slide your hips to the side and flip over to uncross your straps. Slide forward on your box until your knee caps are at the edge. Then, press your arms to your box and reach your tail bone long to create length in your lower back.

There are a few variations you can do. Pressing your heels together and your knees apart pull both heels towards seat. Your hips will want to lift. Press your hip creases down instead of your lower back. And repeat 5-8x. Then repeat the exercise with your knees and feet hugging tight together. And after you have done 5-8 of those reach one leg long without dropping the strap and go down to 1 heavy spring. Do 5 single-leg curls and then switch. Repeat on the weaker side if needed.

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