Hundred on the Reformer

The Hundred on the Reformer will reveal what the Hundred on the Mat often cannot.

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 10 cycles of breathing
  • Warning: Not ideal for some neck and shoulder issues
  • Questions: Contact us here

Hundred on the Reformer

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The Hundred on the Pilates Reformer is basically the same as the Hundred on the Mat but with straps and resistance from Springs. While on the Mat, the Hundred is the first exercise in the order. On the Reformer, the Hundred usually comes after Footwork. Since the Footwork, Hundred and the next couple of exercises are all designed to warm you up and prepare your body for what is to come it is often done on 3 or 4 springs. But this can be adjusted if necessary. The Hundred on the Reformer will reveal what the Hundred on the Mat often cannot.

The 100 is meant to warm you up. Get your whole body involved!

After you complete your Footwork, lower your footbar. Ideally, you can do this without sitting up. But if you must sit up, try to keep your body connected to all that you turned on. For example, you can "teaser up" and hold your Teaser while you lower your footbar and adjust your springs if necessary. Lay back down and grab your handles. Reach your arms up to the sky and if possible place your legs straight out resting on Reformer. If straight legs on the Reformer is too difficult, you can start with them bent into your chest. Then in one movement press your arms straight down, lift your head, chest, and legs up (or out) to a high diagonal and begin to pump your arms as you breathe in and out for 10 cycles. To finish, reverse how you got into position.

As you are pumping your arms notice what is moving. Hopefully, just your arms are moving. If you notice your head and chest are bouncing or that the carriage is inching back and forth, this means we need to connect you more to your center. Feel the handles press back into your hands equal to how much you are pushing into them. This should mitigate the bouncing of the carriage. Hug your legs tight together and don't be afraid to feel your seat engage here to support your legs. Remember this is an exercise to warm you up, so get your whole body involved!

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Comments (4)

Thank you for talking about strap length. I learned on an allergo 2 with adjustable strap length. However I now have a reformer with leather straps and am confused as to how long the straps ‘should’ be. They are so much longer on the original reformers. Also frogs and circles feel way different with the longer extension straps. Loved the video, thank you!

Hey Natasha, yes the straps should be longer but different trainings do it differently for the work they are wanting. Frogs and circles is not meant to be a “leg exercise.” Its a pelvic stability exercise and the more advanced you get the more leg muscles you’ll feel. have you seen my “mastering the basics on the Reformer” workshop? Check it out. We have OPC member with Allegro 2’s and they lengthened their straps so that they can use the springs I am suggesting and get the feeling of the exercises as I am teaching them. If your straps are short some of them with the springs I say will be too heavy and hard. Hope this helps xx

Hi Lesley – enjoying the flash cards I have tried adjusting my straps and many other things including making sure I’m connected in the back but my reformer still moves about 1 cm as I pump my arms i have a traditional balanced body wooden reformer aaargh please can you advise further

Hey Alisa, ugh I’ve been there it can be so frustrating. I’m assuming you traditional wooden BB is with the ropes and risers. If I am wrong let me know. Make sure you’re at the bottom of your risers and that you are using actually handles and not loops. If you are there may still be a little movement but give it time. Make sure you’re not OVER connecting. I know that sounds impossible but some people can over do the “down” on their shoulders which doesn’t allow you to connect to your lats. Also know that if you are using ropes they are set up to “retract” so the moment you lift your arms they are doing their job of “retracting.” There are some changes you can make to everything to make it more in line with leather but at some point there are limits. If you’re using loops definitely get actual handles. Thats the only way for your full hand to connect to the handle and allow your arms to connect to your back. xx~LL

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