Long Spine Massage on the Reformer

Use your two-way stretch you’ll find a love for Long Spine. And, you’ll be thrilled to flip your headrest up and rinse out some Frogs and Circles afterward.

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Reformer (I love using the Contrology Reformer.)
  • Reps: 3 in each direction
  • Warning: Not suitable for back or neck issues.
  • Questions: Contact us here

Long Spine Massage on the Reformer

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Long Spine Massage takes your Leg Circles on the Pilates Reformer to a whole new level... literally. Long Spine Massage, aka Long Spine, is a combination of your Leg Circles, Short Spine Massage on the Reformer and Airplane on the Cadillac. If you're not feeling a reach from your seat when doing Leg Springs, Leg Circles, or Short Spine, then Long Spine Massage will be difficult. But, when you've truly discovered your two-way stretch you'll find a love for Long Spine. And, you'll be thrilled to flip your headrest up and rinse out with some Frogs and Circles afterward.

Reach into straps from your seat and press long and down in your arms.

Depending on the length of your Reformer, length of your straps and loops and the types of springs you have on your Reformer, you may choose to use two or three heavy springs. In this tutorial, I am using evenly weighted heavy springs and an 80" inch Reformer. So for me, I use two springs. But, when I use a longer Reformer I may use three heavy springs. Be sure you are using extension straps and that your handles start at the front of your shoulder rests. This way you are not using too short of straps. Place your headrest down and put your feet in the long loops.

Press your arms down and press out into your straps. Lift your hips out and up until you're in a shoulder stand. Maintain the space behind your neck. Open your legs up and reach out as wide as your shoulders and lengthen yourself all the way down. Circle your legs together and levitate right back up. Repeat 2x and then reverse. Open the legs up and lift up and over your shoulders. Hug your legs together and press out without falling. Repeat 2x. This exercise looks like you're lowering in a straight line. Make sure to reach long enough that your feet and center land at the same time.

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