Pilates Pedi Pole Exercises

Roll Up on the Pedi Pole

If you do have your arms connected to your back, the reach through your legs, the lift from your center will help you feel the true strength within you.

Hundred on the Pedi Pole

Discover the ability to reach into the legs, challenge your connections while the pumps try to disconnect your center. Try during a Pedi Pole workout.

Favorite Pilates Exercises on Pedi Pole

Step on the platform, grab the handles and you’ll see as soon as you open the spring a little bit just how much strength, connection and power is required.

Chest Expansion on the Pedi Pole

On the Pedi Pole, you are standing on an unstable platform and trying to maintain your balance as well as maintaining a connection to your back.

Centering on the Pedi Pole

Centering on the Pedi Pole is very similar to the first Pilates footwork on the Reformer except that you are standing up and your arms are involved

Arm Circles on the Pedi Pole

Stability is not available on the Pedi Pole making it easier to see the asymmetry’s in our bodies. One arm might circle wider, higher or more out of control

Pedi Pole Tutorial

You might think it’s going to be easy. But, one disconnected movement and you will see just how much strength and control it requires.