Pilates Exercises for Beginners to do at Home

Here are some of the best Pilates exercises for beginners to do at home.
Pilates Exercises for Beginners to do at Home

My first Pilates experience was in 2005 I went to a studio and I thought it was super weird. Do you remember what you thought when you saw a Pilates studio? Anyways, while the equipment was strange looking one thing I couldn’t deny was how much the Mat exercises made me feel strong, connected and muscles I didn’t even know I had. I was hooked! But, I worked full time and Pilates classes weren’t always at times I could go to. So, I would try to do some exercises at home on my own. There wasn’t Youtube and other online options to help me back then. Here are some of the best Pilates exercises for beginners to do at home.

Elbow Slip: This one will help you learn the longest “round” shape you need to have to make other Pilates exercises happen.

Half Roll Back: Also a great “go-to” for your Pilates practice. And, if you can’t do the Roll Up you can do this one.

Single Leg Circles: I love this one for helping you feel connected to your mat and also moving your leg within your socket without rocking your pelvis around.

Swan Prep: Essential for back strength and reversing the computer posture we are all getting.

Shoulder Bridge: Even if you just roll up and down you’ll get some great strength in your seat and open the front of your hips.

Side Kicks: Because most of us do not do the work to strengthen your outer hips.

If you do these everyday they should take you about 7-10min. And, will work your whole body! If you’re wanting to enjoy a beginner Pilates class at home, then check out my Intro to Pilates series. It’s three classes that are 10-15 min. long. They never disappear and they will help you learn to flow one Pilates exercise into the next as well as help you continue to challenge your practice and go from beginner to “all levels” classes.

I highly recommend you do your Pilates exercises as often as you can. If you can do them 4-6x a week you’re definitely going to notice yourself standing taller, feeling longer and stronger.


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