Find Your Pilates People

Find your pilates people

Now more than ever it’s easy to feel alone. Isn’t that crazy? We are more connected than ever to our friends, family, our friends’ friends, and random people from around the world who have the same interests as we do. And yet, we feel alone and like we could be embarrassed or more alone if we say the wrong thing or do something uncool.

I so know this feeling. I’ve definitely been there. Which is why I think I am so driven to create communities where I go. I have an online coaching group which is for fitness professionals looking for support and accountability. I have my members-only group for my online Pilates classes. A place where Pilates lovers of all levels can share their wins from classes, ask questions and share what they want or need more of. And, I have my retreats. This is a community I didn’t even realize I was creating. But, after my first retreat in the beginning of 2016, I quickly realized how every retreat group becomes a family. A community of random people who didn’t even know they were going to meet and instantly become a family.

Pilates retreats sound like they are all retreat and Pilates. But, what I love about my retreats is that women and men can travel from all over the world with a friend or even alone and yet when they get to the retreat they are welcomed with open arms not just from Brad and I but from all the other retreaters. People who are eager to go on this Pilates adventure together!

I feel that many people don’t travel the world because their friends or family don’t want to join them. But, when you come on my retreats I’ve got the Pilates vacay planned out. All you have to do is show up and meet the other people who also packed their bags in search of something new. A trip, an adventure, a place where they can connect more to themselves which then, in turn, allows them to connect more to others.

My first retreat ended and eight of us met up at one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia that has a community table. We all shared different plates of food and worked until our Tuk Tuk’s arrived to take us to the airport. One by one each person left and hugged each person as if this family reunion had finally come to an end. This group happened to have nine people who lived in LA and we got together for a family dinner about a month later. We all still stay in touch!

From then on I knew that my Pilates retreats were more than a retreat with Pilates. They were a space for people to make friends, family and feel welcome. My latest retreat had several people who don’t love being in a group of people. And yet, they had the hardest time saying goodbye at the very end.  In fact, even as I left for the airport a day after the retreat, a few of them were meeting for dinner.

If you’ve been wanting a place to find your people, your Pilates family then get offline, pack your bags and join me for a retreat! Contact me here to find out my upcoming retreats to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Bali!

Your Pilates family awaits


PS check out the fun we had on this last trip!

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