How I Create My Plans and Goals for Next Year

How I Create My Plans and Goals for Next Year

Do you manifest, goal set or vision board? I do all of them! And, while I know that not everything will go exactly as I plan I love writing down my goal for the next year/s and trying them all on for size.

Side note I hate trying on clothes even though I love clothes and shopping. But, goals, I love dreaming big with my husband and coming up with an action plan to test them out.

In the past 5 years together we have lead retreats, traveled over 200k miles to lead workshops and pop up classes. We’ve launched online Pilates classes and an online coaching group AGENCY. And, while the road to all those things had bumps, turbulence, pauses, and obstacles we have had so much fun testing out ideas and goals along the way.

Here’s how we created 2020’s plan:

Review the past year: What do we like?  What worked? What do we want to keep doing? What have people been asking us to do? What do we want to do? What do we want to get rid of? What didn’t work and why?

Put in the 2020 calendar any obligations we already know about. Block out personal trips we want or space for surprises.

Write it down!  All the things we want to happen by certain dates and then make a list working backward until we get to today so that we can start to take action on our goals.

We are so excited about what we are going to try out next year and the things we are keeping from the past few years.

We have our Pop Up Tour during our winter road trip for the holidays. I am so excited for the stop we have along the way.

Then in 2020 we have our spring and summer Cambodia retreats and a new retreat to Bali. We also are heading to London, Canada and Australia. All goals we had that we have been working towards for awhile. Each one of them we put on the list and then worked backward to know what action to take.

And, we are working with so many others on their goals together! Which makes it so fun! So, in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you’re putting on your 2020 list.


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