How This Time Can Be For You

How This Time Can Be For You

Back in 2008 when the country and most of the world was feeling the recession I became a Pilates instructor. I got so busy I had to quit my “real” job.  In 2013 I found myself homeless, carless and studio-less and that loss cleared the way for the life and business I have today. Currently your life, routine, work and everything in between have likely flipped on its head. So, how can this time be for you?

Evidence shows that in downtimes the greatest companies and inventions were started. Yep, it’s not during the “good” times that people take time to stop, pause, and fill a need. Nope, it’s the times when things seemingly cannot get any worse.

I know for me there were many times in my life when I thought “wow, my dreams are over.” And then I saw a door that was likely there all along but I was “too busy” to see it.

In 2001 I started college. I didn’t want to try to find a job right away so I waited a month to get my bearings. And then just as I was about to go out and ask for applications I got a call that planes had hit the World Trade Center. I didn’t even know what that meant to be honest. I mean how would that affect me?

Needless to say, no one was hiring anyone for the foreseeable future. So, I had to get creative. Figure out how I was going to make money and not work while in college. Oh, did I mention I went to a private school and had to ask my best friend’s parents to co-sign my studio loans?

It was early in 2002 though that I ended up walking the mall and applying at any store that had a sign they were hiring. I got a call that night an interview the next day and by the next week, I was working. I had that job for 7ish years and am still friends with the girl who I gave my application to. It was also at this job that a co-worker told me about Pilates.

That job taught me more about business than the college degree I got while working there. Within a couple years I went from cashier to Store Manager. And then a couple of years later that job helped me move to Los Angeles, take a leap and support me while I became a Pilates instructor.

If the day I originally intended to go looking for jobs hadn’t been 9/11. Had I gone out in August I likely would have been fired (for the only time in my life) or worse would have gotten a job that I could walk to (my original plan) and never met my friend who introduced me to Pilates.

During the recession, I was doing “ok” financially. I was living off my salary and using what commission I got as a bonus on paying off credit cards and student loans from my college days. But, I wanted more. I needed more. And I was struggling to find Pilates classes I could go to because the recession affected everyone. Including how many group classes studios were offering.

A teacher suggested I become a teacher. And, because I wasn’t so busy with work (which felt not great at the time) I decided it was a good time to have a fun side gig.

Little did I know that while many people were canceling their water delivery, cable and not shopping as much they wanted to feel and look good. I became so overwhelmed with clients that I had to quit my full-time gig. Not gonna lie. People thought I was crazy to give up a secure job for a non-secure job. But, I did it anyways and a year later that secure job had disappeared anyways. Yep, that store didn’t make it through the recession.

When I left my ex in 2013 I had no place to live, I totaled my car as I left his house. And then the studio that I rented space from was forced to close. Someone bought the building and didn’t renew the leases. But, I had evidence of that past 12 years to show me that in the “worst” times the path I needed to take would reveal itself. And, because I believed that the path did. And it lead me here.

Here, in “shelter at home” life. Just like you are and millions of people around the globe. And, while my studio is closed indefinitely, my renters cannot teach so I’ve lost that income, my workshops for the next 6+ months are canceled I know that this is all happening for me. It’s all happening for you as well.

With all this space in my schedule and in my day it’s easier to listen. To reflect. To miss or not miss things. And, my hope for you is that you are taking this time to see what good is coming this for you. Not just what isn’t going right or what you’re disappointed isn’t happening.

What about your old life do you actually miss?

What about this new life are you enjoying?

What books, movies, courses, training have you wanted to have time to start?

What if you did the things that you “wished you had time for?”

I sit here writing to you because I finally can do that consistently. I now can focus on my online Pilates members, my coaching clients, and I can make more room in the day for my practice, hobbies, dogs and lift.

Yes, there is some crazy, and possibly even scary moments to come. But, if you take the opportunity to see how this is happening for you the life you’ve been wanting to live may just reveal itself.


Ps I would love to hear how you think this “new normal” is happening for you in the comments below.

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I am becoming more spiritual as a result of having the opportunity to meditate, read and do self improvement courses. I have more time for self-practice which has benefitted me tremendously in this time. I am always listening for the next step and not obsessing on the end of the road so I feel confident that the future has best outcomes in store for me. I see myself as capitalizing on a niche that will have me plugging in my talent to help others in a way that fulfill all of my life’s needs.

Selena, YASSS!!! Omg I love this! Thank you for sharing this with me. I agree, this time is here for us to get clarity and take the time to really dive into self-care and self-improvement. I’ve been diving in even more to my own practice and I’ve been pretty sore hahaha.

Keep me posted on what you work on!

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