Laughing is a Core Workout

When you laugh it requires ab muscles. Here's the latest blooper reel!
OPC Blog - Bloopers

They say practice makes perfect but I disagree. Practice makes habit and it makes it easier to do the thing. For example, when I first started making Pilates tutorial I was pretty bad at it. I never had a blooper. Every error wasn’t funny. It was gut wrenching and hard because I was new to filming myself teaching an exercise. But, now, years later and over 600 tutorials created, not only do mistakes still happen, when they do they are funny! I know that you don’t always have time to do your Pilates or get your core workout in. But, when you laugh it does require ab muscles. So, here’s the latest blooper reel and if it has you laughing as much as I did, then you can definitely count it as your ab workout today!


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