Pilates, More than a Workout

Pilates, More than a Workout

Before I discovered Pilates I would work out like a crazy person. I would spend hours at the gym, running there to workout and then running home. I had gained the freshman 20 and after giving up being an athlete (and ahem growing a bit older) it was so hard to maintain my weight and strength. I did what I knew…go to the gym, run and repeat.

But, when I did Pilates for the first time I realized how this was the missing link to my workout routine. At the time I didn’t know what else it would do for me. But, I was hooked. I left each Pilates class feeling invigorated and amazing. Like I could take on the day. Quickly my Pilates workout obsession started to replace my gym workouts. And, my body was responding. I felt more like myself than ever before. And, I felt stronger!

Because of Pilates, I rearranged my entire schedule so that I could have time for a class at least 5 days a week! Yep, Pilates taught me self-care and priorities.

I also started to discover how much calmer I was when I had some crazy stress at work. This I didn’t believe could have been from the Pilates but I had friends even notice this change and the only thing different in my life was Pilates. A movement meditation!

Pilates also gave me my life today. Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal isn’t it? But, it’s true. Because I fell in love with Pilates I became a teacher. I also have become obsessed with sharing the benefits of Pilates with anyone who will let me. Pilates helps you do and be better. It helps you feel better!

People who feel better about themselves are nicer and more understanding to others.

Because of Pilates I now also get to travel the world leading retreats and meeting other Pilates lovers from all over the world.

What will Pilates teach you? Join me on a Pilates retreat and immerse yourself in it and I know by the end of the week you will have the Pilates lesson you not only need but will be happy to learn.


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I really like how you talked about the calm nature of pilates and what it can do for your health. With how often I see people struggle to get some exercise done, something calmer and less intense could be much better for me and my wife. After reading your article, I’m convinced that finding a pilates class in the area will really help us improve our lifestyle.

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