Pilates Retreat and a Family Vacation All In One

Pilates Retreat and a Family Vacation All In One

You are in search of the perfect Pilates Retreat, it’s on your bucket list but you only have so much vacation time in a year. Your partner, kids, friends all want to go on a trip too! When push comes to shove your Pilates retreat gets pushed to next year and you are left with a little FOMO while going on a family trip. But, what if you could have a family vacation and Pilates retreat all wrapped up into one?

Well, my Pilates lover I’ve got the Pilates retreat and family vacation you’ve been looking for! My retreats in both Maui and Siem Reap, Cambodia are designed so you can have your cake and eat it too. Or, in these cases your ocean walk and Pilates mat, your Temple Tours and hundreds!

Here’s how it works!

First, choose your adventure Maui or Cambodia!

Second, snag your spot! If you’re doing Maui you and your family book your own accommodations and you only have to pay for your retreat ticket. Your family can join for any meals and pay a la carte once you’re there for the ones they do! How easy is that?  For Cambodia guests, your partner or kids can join you for half the price of a full retreat ticket. They get all the meals and tours and can sleep in while you do Pilates!

Third, plan out your free time! On both retreats, you get free time each day to explore the amazing cities. In Maui, you can hang on the beach, go on a hike, paddle board and more. In Siem Reap, you can learn to cook, go on a Vespa and food tour, check out artisans village or get daily massages! I have the best masseuses in town!

After several years of leading Pilates retreats in both of these places, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Pilates lovers and spending time with their family and friends! So, now that your excuses are gone which retreat are you going on?


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