Pilates, Where Should You Be Feeling it?

Pilates, Where Should You Be Feeling it

One of the common misconceptions of Pilates is that its an ab workout. But, then when I say, no it’s not just an hour of ab workout and explain how thorough Pilates truly is for our body it’s easy to see why people might think it is all about the abs. I mean, if everything begins in the center and moves out how is Pilates it not an ab workout?

Well, I’m certainly not the most educated in anatomy but I am however well versed in Pilates and where you should be “feeling it.” So, if we can all agree for just a moment that Pilates isn’t just an ab exercise that would be helpful for you to find out where you should be feeling Pilates in your body.

First, yes, you do move from your center but that doesn’t mean just your abs. Your center is really your axial skeleton. Basically, from the crown of your head to your tailbone (excluding your limbs). To do Pilates properly you want to stabilize the axial skeleton so that you can move your appendicular skeleton.  To move from your center asks you to move from your back, front, sides and the muscles that connect your limbs to your torso!

When you do Pilates from your center you’ll feel your abs but you should also feel your back muscles, your outer hips and inner thighs. You should feel strong, long and yet suspended. As if you’re supported by gravity and not falling into it.

Now, I know that sounds all well and good but how do you go from reading it to feeling it?

Well, you might not like this answer. Mostly you have to do Pilates. The more you try to get Pilates in your body the more connected you will feel. The more you challenge yourself to dive deeper into your practice over time the body will teach itself. Pilates is pretty magical! If you practice magic-do Pilates.

Treat yourself to Pilates classes with a pro, get on the equipment, enjoy thousands of equipment classes and workshops on PilatesAnytime.com (use LLOGAN for a 30-day trial) or join me weekly for $7 and take the class in 30 min or less as often as you want. Just login in and press play.

Where ever you practice, and with whomever, you want to do Pilates with show up with patience, curiosity and focus. You’ll feel Pilates from head to toe and everywhere in between.



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Love this! You have a nice way with words.


Thank you! I’m so happy you found my blog. Thank you for reading and hope to have you on a retreat on in an online class soon! xx~LL

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