Introducing ‘Lesley’s PilatesAnytime Giveaway’ (12 mo. membership)

Lesley's PilatesAnytime Giveaway, Win a 12-Month Membership

I really miss teaching live group classes. It used to be a major part of my week. Group classes and driving across town to get there, that is… I’ve since traded those classes in to get rid of my commute, but I now teach classes online that you can take on one of my favorite websites:

And, in anticipation of the 3 new classes I filmed in their beautiful Carpinteria, CA Pilates studio that will be available on June 22, I thought you might want a chance to win a 12-month subscription to, my treat! (Valued at $216!)

Here’s how to register for free…

How To Win a 12-Month Subscription to

  1. Register for the sweepstakes (link below)
  2. Start collecting entries:
    1. Follow the directions to personally collect up to 31 entries (visit that page every day!)
    2. Share the sweepstakes with your friends and get additional entries for every referral that enters!
  3. Make sure that you confirm your email subscription so you can find out who the winner is
  4. Read through/understand all the (boring) legal stuff below


When is all this happening?

  • START: Wednesday, June 13
  • END: Wednesday, June 20, 11:59:59 PST
  • WINNER ANNOUNCED: June 22 via email to all registrants (the same day my new classes are out on!)

Register for the sweepstakes by clicking here and following the directions.

All the Legal Stuff

  • By entering the sweepstakes you are providing your consent to receive marketing emails from Lesley Logan Pilates Inc. (we use MailChimp, Sumo and KingSumo to manage your emails)
  • You agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions and to those of KingSumo which you can find on the registration page or the link below
  • Current subscribers are not eligible to win (but you can still send this to your friends so they can!)
  • All the other super boring and official legal stuff which you should still read, here

I can’t wait for my new classes to be available on! Are you excited? Have you already taken one of my classes there? Which is your favorite? Tell me about it below, and best of luck in the drawing!

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