Tips for Pilates Rowing Series

Tips for Pilates rowing series

The Rowing Series in Pilates might be one of my favorites! While it’s a complicated series to learn, it’s one that your body will fall in love with. Rowing on the Reformer is not only a great way to warm up your body for the rest of your practice but it also challenges your back connection. And, you can enjoy this series on the Mat, Cadillac and Arm Chair. So, if you are wanting to deepen your Pilates practice, try out these tips and preps for your Pilates Rowing series!

  1. Learn Shave and Hug first: I know they are also called Rowing 5 and 6 so you think they come later in your learning. But, they have the least amount of choreography and help you learn how to reach from your back before you dive into the other four Rowing exercises.
  2. Stay connected to your springs: Your straps will reveal where you are letting the springs take over. Your handles will show you when you are letting your chest do the work. Focus on reaching from your back especially as the springs close. Maintain the connection of your entire hand (especially the pinky side) to your handle!
  3. Control your carriage: In “Into the Sternum” and “90 degree’s” (aka Flat back) there are times when the carriage should move and times when it should not. Check out my tips for Rowing 1 and 2 and maintaining control of your springs here.
  4. Reach from your back: From the Chest and From the Hips can feel like a throw away exercise. But, when you reach from your back you will feel your center, seat, back and more! I think Rowing 3 and 4 will quickly become your favorite exercises.
  5. Practice your Rowing around the studio: Grab some 1 or 2 lb. weights and try the series on your Mat. Grab your arm springs and feel a new challenge on the Cadillac. Or, if you’ve got an arm chair play with feeling different connections to your rowing.

Which Rowing exercises are your favorite? I’d love to know below!


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