What Piece of Pilates Equipment Should You Buy First?

What Pilates Equipment Should you buy first

My first Pilates equipment purchase was a Wunda Chair! I had been an instructor less than a year and saw an email that Gratz was selling the demo equipment at the Pilates Method Alliance conference. I hit reply so fast I was the first and I also had zero idea what price I just committed to. But, it was the best purchase of my life.

Of course, due to moving houses and life I ended up selling it a couple years later (for the price I paid for it btw) and was without home Pilates equipment for five years. Then I purchased a mat and another Wunda chair!

So,  when Andrea Maida and I were asked this question by one of our Youtube subscribers one would think I would say you should buy a Wunda Chair. But, you’ll have to check out my video here for my answer and Andrea’s here for her answer.


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