Pilates Retreat Maui Mat Class 2
This mat class is going to introduce some archival standing positions, see how that just warms up the body and then doing the rest of our mat work.


Online Mat Pilates Class Description:

Good morning, aloha! Welcome to Maui, I’m here with Arlene again.

It is Day 2 and we are about to do a mat class. This one is actually going to introduce some archival standing stuff. And then see how that just warms up the body and then doing the rest of our mat work. So, I hope you enjoy it!


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  • DATE & TIME: Sunday, August 5, 2018 in the morning.
  • LENGTH: This mat class is 50 minutes long.
  • LEVEL: This class is for all levels but will feel like an intermediate flow.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Just your awesome self and a mat.
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesley here. Otherwise, see you in class!

Prefer a private option? Lesley offers Skype and Facetime sessions. You can book yours right into Lesley’s schedule here.


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Comments (4)

awesome! I feel amazing, thank you Lesley! (now I’m starving, must go have some lunch). There were a lot of nice little ‘gems’ in the class, I will need to do again and write some of them down. xx~LW

Take it as much as you want!! It’s up for a bit and hope your lunch is as gourmet as ours! If not have it al fresco. It’s alwasy fancier that way!

I noticed as I was having lunch that my low back/sacrum area feels wonderful. It feels open and lengthened (I was a little tight with some pain prior to class). So again thanks! We made nachos for lunch and ate out by the pool so it was very nice (except for the smokey sky). xxLW

I’m so sad you have Smokey skies. I’m from nor cal and it’s just so sad.

But, bright up your back feels amazing and you had nachos!!! Yummy!!

Thank you for sharing how good class made you feel!


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