6 Pilates Booty Exercises You Can Do At Home

Whether you want to work your seat for vanity or strength purposes, these exercises will help lift your seat and keep you strong!
6 Pilates Booty Exercises You Can Do At Home

Sitting more, working from home doesn’t just mean bad news for your back and posture. It also means you’re not getting as much activity in your body. And, one area that we often over look in our workouts but not in our jeans is our butt! And, the truth is your glutes are more than meets the eye. So, whether you want to work your seat for vanity or strength purposes these exercises will help lift your seat and keep you strong!

The Roll Up: I know this exercise looks like its all about the abs but if you do this one right you’ll use your external rotators and thass (where your thigh meets your booty). The more you remain connected to these muscles the more accessible this exercise is.

Single Leg Circles: The leg that is down is grounded by the power of the outer his and hamstring. While the circling leg challenges your outer hips, hamstring and inner thigh to support the leg wherever it is in space. Got a weak side? Do that one first then the stronger side and back to the weaker side.

Single Leg Kick: If you are doing this exercise right you’ll feel that booty activate in every kick. Plus you’ll get a great stretch through the front of your hips.

Double Leg Stretch: This one will challenge your booty strength in every rep but def not one to skip as you are working your way to a lifted, well rounded in strength booty.

Side Leg Kicks: You can do one or all of these. But, like the Single Leg circles I recommend doing weak, strong, weak to help you balance out your hip strength.

Leg Pull: Even if you just hold this one if you’re doing it from your muscles and not your joints you’ll feel that thass get lots of work. As you’re ready, challenge your glutes and add that kick in!

I’m gonna be honest, I am obsessed with working the glutes in Pilates. And not just so that I can wear short shorts in the summer or look good in my Carbon38 Takara’s. Having a good connection to your seat is integral for strength and injury prevention. If your glute medius and minimus is strong and even side to side, you’ll have better balance. And, if you’re an athlete fewer injuries and joint pain.

So, like I said, whether you’re interested in the glutes for your looks or for your health, these exercises will get you what you’re looking for. And, if you want to dive even deeper I focus on this connection in all my OPC online classes.


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