Cadillac Flashcards Update – September 17, 2022

Hey OPC fam, Brad here with another update on the printing and shipping of our long-awaited Cadillac flashcards.
Final Cadillac Box render-min


Hey OPC fam, Brad here with exciting news!

This will be our FINAL UPDATE, because the Flashcards ARE SHIPPING! Woohoo!

First, a super quick thank you from Lesley.


And seriously, a big thank you from me and our entire team as well for your patience and encouragement. Your support, your pre-sale orders are what made this deck possible. We are so grateful for your belief in us.

Here’s a fun little video of our printing and fulfillment partner putting the decks into the boxes before they get shrink-wrapped and taken over to the shipping station.


Can’t wait to see your IG posts when you get your deck! Make sure you tag @lesley.logan so she can share!

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