How to WFH and Make the Most of It

How to WFH and Make the Most of It

Working From Home, WFH, and not excited about it? Or, maybe you were and then you got to day three, five and it’s looking like it might be more indefinite than you think? Couple that with the fact that the store’s shelves are bare, you’re not supposed to be in them anyways. And, if you’re in a city like mine your favorite workout spaces, restaurants and bars are closed. WFH is starting to sound like the loneliest chapter in many lives. So, what can you do to make the most of it?

Here are some things I am doing and some of my friends are doing. Take what you need, leave the rest and be sure to let me know what you chose in the comments below!

  1. CLEAN OUT ALL YOUR DRAWERS, CLOSETS AND THOSE BOXES YOU’VE MOVED FROM PLACE TO PLACE. Yep, after you’ve had your share of Marie Condo on Netflix start to put those tips into practice. Does what’s in that box you’ve never opened up really bring you joy? Sell the good stuff to some consignment shops, donate the rest. Or, go offer it to the homeless in your neighborhood (my homeless community loves our old towels, sheets, unused toothbrushes from the dentist etc).
  2. COOK MORE! Ok, I heard the store’s shelves were bare but when I got back from my trip what I didn’t expect to see was all the healthy stuff left behind. Use the time you’re no longer commuting to finally try out those recipes. I’m no chef but Brad and I are having fun creating dinners with the leftovers that were at the store!
  3. ONLINE WORKOUTS! Yes, I know not the same as going to your favorite gym. Trust, I am missing my community. But, that’s why when I created OPC I built a community along with it. Every OPC member takes the same class as much as they want each week (yep you don’t have to figure out what class to take) and then they can share with the whole community in our MEMBERS ONLY Fb group what they loved, what they struggled with, what they slayed and inspire each other! It’s really freaking cool! And, the best part Pilates works your whole body out at one time! And, you just need enough space to lay on ground and move your body. Bonus: In March and April we are giving the intro series away for anyone who subscribes. So get your OPC workout on and connect with a bunch of Pilates lovers. You will feel the community vibes.
  4. READ! Here are the books I’ve been LOVING: The Big Leap, Catch and Kill, Educated, Braving the Wilderness, The 4 Agreements (I read it every year), You are a Badass and Traction (not sexy its a biz book), Profit First (also not fluff but may as well get down with some biz stuff).
  5. MEDITATE! I use the Calm App, but UCLA MARC has a free app with tons of mindfulness classes and guided meditations. And, my local UnPlug is no streaming all their meditations. So, if you ever wanted to meditate with them now you can!
  6. ADOPT A DOG: I know it sounds crazy but, you’re home. You can’t go very many places. It’s the best time to get a rescue used to you, your home and to have the company. Who said WFH had to be lonely.
  7. FACETIME FRIENDS:  seriously, make friend dates and cook, clean, walk and talk! Now is the time to reach out not recoil.
  8. DON’T SCROLL: Yep, I know it will be hard but you’re just gonna feel more alone scrolling. Pick up the phone and catch up with people IRL.
  9. DO THE THINGS YOU HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF: hang the pictures, shred the mail, paint the wall. Seriously, this could be the most productive time you’ve ever had.
  10. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE: it’s sooo easy to feel alone. But, you’re not. Everyone is feeling a bit alone right now. This is when we need to reach out to others more. And remember that community is what we make it.

What are you doing while you WFH to feel like you’re not waiting for the day when “life gets back to normal?” I would love to hear in the comments below.

We will get through this together loves!


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Writing a book, making a quilt, baking

love this! A book! That sounds amazing xx~LL

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